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One day a man was walking in the woods when he heard the sound of a woman crying. He went to check out where the crying was coming from and found a woman crouched over a hole in the floor. He went to go ask the lady if something was wrong or if she was hurt and the woman replied with a short and quick "no." And kept crying. He reached out to the woman but stopped once he realized the cuts on her arms. The man asks "what happened?". The woman kept crying and in a sniffling voice she said "it's nothing." The man tried to calm the woman down but it was no use, the woman didn't stop crying. He asked again if the woman needed something but this time she pointed to an old and withered bag with a book in the bag. He asked why and she just told him to grab it. He gave her the bag and kept trying to calm her down. His only focus was to comfort her enough so she'd tell him what happened that he didn't even care to look at her face. But that didn't matter to him, all that mattered was making her calm. Then all of sudden she pulled out a dagger from her bag and took the book out with it. The blade was rusty and cracked and crooked and bent. The woman then opened the book and flipped to a page and started chanting something the man couldn't understand. The man was so shocked about what he was witnessing that he couldn't move a muscle. The woman said "I'm sorry" before driving the dagger into her stomach and spilling her guts into the hole. The woman fell limp. The man ran over to her and flipped her over and looked at her stomach and nearly threw up at the sight he witnessed. Then he looked at the woman's face. The man was horrified at what he saw. The woman didn't have a face. Just a head with no expressions and no eyes. The man reached for the book and found a note in it. The note read "I'm sorry Catherine, but I can't do this anymore. Your constant chanting at night and the weird drawings you leave in our room. You aren't the same woman I married 10 years ago. It's like you're not the same person anymore, I love you and I'm doing this for both my and your own good. I love you, but this is my goodbye.". The man put down the book and looked at the hole in the ground and saw a quick glimpse of a purple circle closing up. The man ran out of the woods and got into his car and drove as fast as he could. But then he heard the crying again right next to him. He turned to see the faceless woman covering her face and crying. The man screamed and almost crashed his car but he was able to keep as calm as possible and stayed on the road. Then the crying stopped. Then he saw that the seat was empty. He went home and went to sleep, after witnessing the Horrors of what he experienced, he fell asleep. The next morning he didn't see anything else until he saw a photo on his desk incased in a glass frame. He didn't remember it being there at all. Then he looked at it and it was a picture with him next to a gorgeous brown haired woman next to him. He checked the back and found the words "I loved you Catherine" on the back. The man dropped the picture and started to hear the crying again. He turned around and he saw the woman again. But this time he could see her face. It was the same woman from the picture. He rubbed his eyes and she wasn't gone. She asked him "why didn't you save me?" While crying even more. The man broke down crying and turned to a cabinet and took out a bottle of pills and took some. Then she disappeared. But then he still felt the same. He remembered now. Catherine was his wife and remembered that she died one day and he had no idea how it happened, that was until he turned on the tv that fateful day. The news said they found 36 year old Catherine Ester dead in the woods with her guts poured in a 5 foot deep hole. The man heard the crying one last time and the woman said "I love you Finn" before disappearing for the last time.


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